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The Case for Open-Source Generative AI in Government

Given the excitement created by ChatGPT, Bard, Dall-E, and other generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) capabilities, many federal agencies are under pressure to identify how to integrate these innovations into their operations. As part of due diligence, agencies would be well-served to consider the potential of open-source large language models (LLM) before committing exclusively to commercial GenAI platforms.

Artificial intelligence’s promise meets ethical challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries worldwide, promising efficiency, innovation and unparalleled capabilities. The allure of AI is strong, but there is an ethical dilemma to consider.

We’ve been confronted with real-world examples of its misuse — from algorithmic bias perpetuating inequality in hiring decisions to the lawyer who relied on AI to craft a motion full of made-up case law.

Jimmy John Shares Recipe For Success

Jimmy John Liautaud — founder and of the Jimmy John’s Sandwiches — took the stage at the Land Investment Expo 2023 to share reflections on his success as a restauranteur, landowner, investor, and vineyard proprietor.

Across four decades of entrepreneurship, Liautaud’s accomplishments can be traced directly to his willingness to work hard — and to always honor the integrity of a deal, especially one sealed by a handshake.

Modern Government: Agile Methodologies Transform Automation Technologies

Critics called the launch of in 2013 a disaster and saw it as an example of “how to fail a software project.” What didn’t make mainstream headlines were a slew of other major government software modernization project failures that occurred around the same time. Collectively, these failures helped drive a movement within government agencies to adopt modern adaptive approaches.

Afraid of Attrition? Improve Your Talent Management and Organizational Maturity | Weaver

Is your organization searching for the “least objectionable” job candidates? Are you looking for a mediocre manager? Or an adequate division chief?

Probably not. But without thoughtful workforce planning, your organization might hire that very person, and repeat that mistake over and over. The nationwide labor crunch is not necessarily to blame. Mis-hires are a symptom of an immature personnel function, particularly around talent acquisition, leadership development and succession planning.