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State of the banking industry report

Banks build vibrant, thriving communities. In good times and in bad, they help Americans bridge financial gaps, pursue lifelong dreams and build stable futures. And in order to do that, financial institutions need to be in solid, healthy shape for everyone to thrive.

So, how are banks doing? To find out, Wipfli surveyed nearly 250 banks in 39 states. We learned how banks are navigating the economy, facing the national labor shortage and managing digital banking.
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Empowering the next generation: Wipfli's Partnership with Accounting+

In the rapidly evolving world of CPA and advisory firms, the accounting profession stands at a critical crossroads. Gone are the days when accountants were just number crunchers and tax experts. Today, they are strategic advisors, integral to the financial health and innovation of businesses worldwide.

Yet, a significant challenge looms: Attracting the bright minds of the next generation to this dynamic field.

Discover 5 private equity trends for 2023

Before 2022, most private equity (PE) managers only experienced 80s-level inflation through textbooks. Now, they have their own war stories to tell.

In 2022, the U.S. hit record-high inflation and the Federal Reserve aggressively hiked up interest rates several times. Borrowing became expensive and fund performance and company valuations took the hit. Supply chains operated in fits and starts, and containers sat waiting in ports.